Underground works

Subsurface facilities are highly complex constructions. The ground shelters and protects them, but it also presents serious loads and challenges to overcome, in particular during construction.

Underground construction is expensive, challenging to build and often complicated to manage and maintain. At the same time it offers the greatest possibility to connect people, to free cities from traffic and to create new spaces.


It is during excavation that employers, designers and contractors face the most important dangers and thus the highest uncertainties: the guarantee of costs and deadlines as well as the prevention of damage to third parties and to the environment, directly dependant upon the excavation. Thanks to our role in a multitude of projects during the past decades we have acquired an impressive share of knowledge and technical competence. We now make this experience available to decision makers in underground projects. We support them, we assess risks and opportunities, we prepare necessary decisions in due time. Together we explore the best possible solutions, considering security, economical effectiveness and environment.